Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maytag Fire Hazard

Off late, the oven of my 4 year old Maytag Gas Range (Model # MGR4452BDS) has started randomly turning on by itself. This started a couple of months back when, I came back from office in the evening, and found the oven on. I thought I might have accidentally turned it on in the morning while preparing breakfast. Then, about a month back I woke up to a burning smell at about 2 in the morning. I ran to the kitchen to find my range on again. The handles of two cooking pans which had been kept inside the oven at night, had overheated and were releasing smoke. The next night it happened again and thankfully this time the oven was empty. I called Maytag Customer Assistance. They advised me against using the range and disconnecting the power till the range is examined by their representative, AE Factory Service at no cost to me. So far so good.

The technician visited us on December 6, 2010 and after examining the Gas Range explained that the Main Board needs to be replaced. He placed an order for the Main Board immediately and apprised that Maytag will bear the cost of the part and it should arrive within next one week. The part never came. Later that week, we were notified by AE Services that AE Services/Maytag is having trouble finding that part. I subsequently called Maytag which said that the part is on back order and would not be delivered before March 2011. They also suggested that they can search for that part with their dealers, in case one of them has it. In case the part is found, I am required to buy the part and pick it up myself -- Maytag showing how less it cares for its customers.

Subsequently, we did receive a call from Maytag advising that the part has been located with some dealer and that I should get the part myself. I later called Maytag and argued that the part should be replaced free of cost by the company since this is no minor anomaly. The product is failing in a very unsafe manner creating a dangerous situation. When the representative did not budge, I asked for his supervisor. I was told that the supervisor would call us back in 48 hours, needless to say no one called.

Googling for this problem shows several hits:

Seems to be a known problem with Maytag Gas Ranges. For record, I have also reported this to the 
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Update (July 31, 2011)

Apparently somebody at Maytag paid attention to this life threatening defect in the oven. Out of the blue I found a UPS packet on July 15 at my front-door. The packet contained the replacement Main Board. When I called Maytag to inquire about the shipment, the representative said that they have no record of it. Her advice was that if I have not paid for the part but still had received it, it is most likely a free replacement paid for by Maytag. 
Probably some department in Maytag realized that this is indeed a case of manufacturing defect resulting in a life threatening situation. I scheduled a visit from  AE Factory Service for the installation of the replacement Main Board. They promptly installed the Main Board on July 19. Finally, after a wait of 7 months my oven was repaired free of cost by Maytag. I wonder if I should thank them for relenting or should I thank my patience.

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Re Waters said...

Im having the same problem with my maytag, the stove is only 3 yrs old, problem is my landlord is crying broke and wont pay for it to be replaced so im upset to say because i cant cook a proper meal for my family, any suggestions?